The Colchester-East Hants Public Library Foundation is a registered, charitable foundation, which seeks the support of the private sector to maintain and enhance our library system. Public libraries throughout the province are facing severe funding challenges at a time when government support has not kept pace with changing costs and services.

The Foundation was established to ensure that the libraries in our system (5 branches and 2 outreach sites) can continue to provide the excellent services which are available for all to enjoy, and can continue to meet the challenges that the library will face in coming years. Grants from the foundation to the library are used for technology acquisitions, improvements, special projects and collections, never for operating costs.

Now, with our new library facility being built in Truro, the need is greater than ever. Funds from the town and county are insufficient to cover the essential costs for furniture, fixtures, computers, systems and equipment. The Foundation has been tasked with raising the monies for this final amount and needs your help to achieve it.

Be part of this one-time occasion to help your community.

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